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Joany Carrasco, President & Co-Founder of C.S.I. Inc.

     My name is Joany Carrasco and I am President & Co-Founder of Creative Strategy Innovations, Inc. I was born in New York where I spent my childhood & most of my adulthood developing a life purpose. I have felt the need to help others and my parents, born in Puerto Rico, guided my development with their Puerto Rican/Hispanic culture. The usage of herbs for healing, the preparation of the local foods, the language, the music, the dance allowed me to be empowered & experience a world beyond city life.

New York is a magical place for me as a youth. I had access to various cultures, books, and knowledge that is hard to find in one place, but available all over the city. Through restaurants, libraries, and various events, my world was opened and enlightening. If I wanted Italian food, I would enjoy pasta, pizza, and rich pastries from Little Italy. If I wanted true Chinese cuisine, Chinatown was the place to go. I will never forget the giant food markets in Spanish Harlem & Delancy St. These markets were filled with the smells of fish, pickled vegetables, and produce that was cooked by the Hispanic, Jewish, and Caribbean Island community. Here I learned about cilantro, recao (Puerto Rican cilantro), ajitos (little pepper), yuca, yautia, etc. I learned the importance of aroma, sound, and taste so deep that it warmed my soul.

     Then came college and my world completely changed. I was able to appreciate different types of music such as classical, R&B, Broadway tunes, & pop. I expanded my cultural appreciation to museums, Broadway shows, & concerts in the park as well as enter the business world through my studies in the medical field specifically radiological sciences with an emphasis in nuclear medicine. By residing in the dormitory, I was able to experiment with and create new recipes from items students had access to, such as can food and raw vegetables from the cafeteria. I learned how to economize my grocery cost through the use of spices to bring the comfort of home to my cooking. Then came the business world and the 40 plus hours work week, the fast pace traveling on public transportation, and the miserable faces along the way. However I stayed the course toward my purpose to learn different ways to help others through my own experiences and education.

     During 18 + years in the medical field as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Medical Assistant, and finally as a Medical Office Manager, I learned, met, and networked with many wonderful people, but there was something missing. The everday ritual was becoming habit and assisting people in the medical industry was not enjoyable, but an obligation. I wanted to do more. I was frustrated with the system and didn’t know where to go next.

   I observed the ways businesses were being run starting with the medical field. I discovered ways to operate the businesses more efficiently and empower patients to become more involved with their health care through knowledge. This ability to analyze and implements protocols to operate a business smoothly didn’t stop in the medical field. I expanded to the non for profit industry, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. With this change came great responsibilities and a wonderful person in my life to assist me, Mr. Arthur J. Baker. Together for about 14 years we expanded our mission to help others and build a business to work from and Creative Strategy Innovations was born 2008. In 2012, Creative Strategy Innovations became incorporated.

    Now I continue this journey In Memory of Arthur J. Baker. He believed in people and their dreams and I wish to continue this legacy. We at Creative Strategy Innovations, Inc. look forward in assisting you with your dreams.

Thank You & Peace!

Joany Carrasco, President & Co-Founder